Ultrasound Fellowship

The UCLA Combined Reagan and Olive View Emergency and Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship is a one-year fellowship open to graduates of three- and four-year ACGME/OGME accredited Emergency Medicine residencies. One to two positions are available each year. We follow the ACEP 2011 Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship guidelines as well as the peer-reviewed ACEP Clinical Ultrasonography Curriculum.

The UCLA Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship at Olive View and Ronald Regan Medical Centers offers a distinctive combination of county and quaternary care settings. It affords its fellows the opportunity to work with ultrasound in a setting of limited resources for a medically underserved community, as well as the luxury of state of the art technology and facilities to develop cutting edge ultrasound skills. The fellowship involves education and instruction in the development of an ultrasound program, research experience, and a variety of teaching opportunities at both hospitals and within the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

The mission of the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship is to develop motivated emergency physicians into clinicians, educators and researchers with ultrasound expertise. Our major strengths are in advanced echocardiography, critical care, and medical education. Fellows lead bedside ultrasound sessions with emergency medicine and off-service residents, medical students, and attending physicians. In addition, there are opportunities to lecture on ultrasound topics at residency conferences, regional conferences, and abroad. Visit www.uclaemultrasound.org to learn more about our curriculum.

The goals of the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship are:

To become an expert sonographer. The Fellow will develop skills in image acquisition and interpretation of general point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) applications, as well as in select advanced applications. Graduates will meet the requirement to sit for the RDMS certification process.

To become an expert teacher. The Fellow will develop the ability to teach ultrasound to faculty colleagues, residents, and medical students on weekly scan shifts as well as at local and national conferences. In addition, the Fellow will work clinically and supervise residents as an attending physician in the emergency departments at both sites.

To become a researcher in POCUS. The Fellow will develop expertise in the POCUS literature through journal clubs and the development of presentations and manuscripts. In addition, the Fellow will develop and implement a research project during the fellowship year.

To become a director of ultrasound. The Fellow will gain valuable experience and insight into running ultrasound programs at both hospitals.

We offer a competitive salary package. Interviews are offered August to November. More information regarding the Fellowship, along with details about the application process, can be found on the EUS Fellowship website. Please contact us for further questions.

Clinical and Emergency Ultrasound Fellows:

    Caleb Canders, MD (2016-2017)
    George Lim, MD (2015-2016)
    Stephanie Tseeng, MD (2014-2015)
    Pablo Aguilera, MD (2014-2015)
    Ricky Amii, MD (2013-2014)
    Daniel Weingrow, DO (2011-2012)
    Tania Sadoun, MD (2010-2011)