Virtual Clerkship Experience

While we at UCLA Ronald Reagan/Olive View Emergency Medicine Program initially created this experience as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to announce we will be continuing this virtual 2-week experience for this upcoming academic year.  

While we would be thrilled to have you rotate in person, we recognize that not all students are able to afford or cannot attend our in-person rotation for other reasons. That said, the goal of the experience is to promote student interest in applying to the UCLA Ronald Reagan/Olive View Emergency Medicine Residency Program by introducing students to many of our residents and faculty, our interests, and overall give you a better idea of who we are!


Fourth year medical students at an accredited US medical school applying into Emergency Medicine


09/27/21 to 10/08/21


Online via Zoom


Students will be expected to:

  • Complete asynchronous content
  • Be present on Zoom for 4 hours/day, Monday through Friday

What I can expect to get out of this rotation?


  • Review medical knowledge that may not have been covered during your sub-internship
  • Exploration of some less taught nuances of our specialty including: social justice advocacy, social determinants of health, and care of vulnerable populations


  • Meet UCLA residents and faculty and future colleagues from across the country

Professional Identity formation

  • Introduce to various fellowships in our specialty
  • Introduce the benefits of professional development

How to Apply

Apply via VSAS: EM290.01: Virtual Advanced EM


If you have any questions, please contact Clerkship Coordinator, Leila Park, at