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Didactic Curriculum


Our didactic curriculum centers around our weekly conferences which is held every Tuesday morning and is protected time for all residents in the Emergency Department and in many off-service rotations. Depending on the week, the conference utilizes different modalities to promote variety and retention of concepts. A typical month may feature a Simulation Day in our State-of-the-Art Simulation Center, an off-site EMS day with LA County Fire, short and concise lightning lectures on high-yield review material, a procedurally-based cadaver lab, or a journal club hosted in a faculty member’s or resident's home.

At the beginning of each year, the residency sponsors an orientation focused on each class and their new responsibilities with individually tailored didactics, new skills sessions, and opportunities to engage seniors and alumni about their experiences.

Our conferences put an emphasis on the adult learning model that goes beyond "death by powerpoint". Although we incorporate didactics in the classic formats, we focus on group learning, flipped classroom, and simulation to complement our conferences. We have incorporated an oral boards, case-based style of medical education into the majority of our conferences called Emergency Medicine Foundations that incorporates teaching modalities that the new generation of Emergency Medicine learners can grasp.