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Elizabeth Ferreira, M.D.

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Medical School

Medical School

John A. Burns School of Medicine, 2018

Undergraduate School

Undergraduate School

University of California, Irvine, 2013



Honolulu, HI



What is your favorite place to visit, thing(s) to do in, or memory from living in LA?

Favorite experiences living in L.A. include the many magical tastebud adventures of Sawtelle Blvd (I am essentially 90% noodle because you are what you eat, right?), trips to Universal Studios and Disneyland, taking in the sun on Venice Beach and watching all the talented individuals in their element (who knew one could be so good at rollerblading?), and having access to almost anything you could possibly think of -- concerts, food, swim and surf!!


What are your areas of interest within EM or future career plans?

Being very open minded to all that the broad field of emergency medicine has to offer at this time -- currently peaking interests in the areas of academics, simulation, critical care, and social justice.


Why did you choose UCLA-Olive View for residency?

1. People -- there are many great interview days along the trail, but these people were so honestly genuine in wanting to make me feel comfortable -- no moment of awkwardness encountered, just cool people trying to learn more about you.

2. Academics + County = Zebras + Bread and Butter, what more could you ask for from a training site?

3. Dr. Bavolek -- she is a resident advocate through and through.


What else do you do in your free time? What hobbies do you have?

Anything with food -- L.A. is the food mecca of the west -- has my interests peaked. Spending time away from fluorescent lights is high on my to-do list -- beaching, road-tripping, getting away into the mountains, recently learned to surf and am doing my best to improve this (currently poor) skill, and going to all the concerts because I love singing (albeit off-tune) at the top of my lungs! When not doing things, I really really really enjoy sleep.

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