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Richard "Rick" Knecht, M.D.

Professional Title

Professional Education

Medical School

Medical School
University of Utah School of Medicine

Undergraduate School

Undergraduate School
Utah Valley University, University of Utah



Springville, UT



Backpacking--I have been on several trips in medical school including the Teton crest trail and the Red Castle Lakes. Skiing--Taught myself to ski in 1st year. Approaching 70 total days and skied in 3 states during medical school. European soccer--Travelled to Madrid, Spain in 2019 after STEP 1 to support my team in the UEFA Champions League final. Golf--I try to golf at least once a week weather permitting. Cooking. Reading/current events--Enthusiastic subscriber to The Economist and The Atlantic.

Areas of Interest: Critical Care, Wellness

Instagram: @oldmanchickenlegs


Why did you choose UCLA for Residency?

I was looking for a blended program that had academic, county and community training sites. I also wanted a 4 year program that has the resources and support to make the 4th year a worthwhile experience and value added. UCLA had everything I was looking for.


What is your favorite place to visit/thing(s) to do in/memory from living in LA? If you have never lived here before, what are you most excited about?

I've already committed to spending some time each week on the beach. I also love live music and LA is a magnet for that. The food scene in LA is stellar. Apparently the natural history museum has an adults night with events and beer!


What do you do in your free time? What hobbies do you have? 

Skiing, backpacking, travel, reading, cooking, spending time with friends.


What are your areas of interest within EM or future career plans? 

I'd like to get involved with social EM. Very interested in either palliative care or critical care.


What is your go-to song to get pumped up on shift?

I'm a big heavy metal fan so anything by Slayer pumps me up pretty good.


Where would we find you if not in the department (ie. couch, beach, wilderness, climbing, etc.)?

Out exploring new places. At a brewery. In the mountains.


Next vacation stop?

Lake Como, Italy


What is your spirit animal?

The Raven. They're so smart, I once watched a group of them play a prank on another raven, they all seemed to laugh after it happened.