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Tiglath Ziyeh, M.D.

Professional Title

Professional Education

Medical School

Medical School
Albany Medical College

Graduate School

Graduate School
Boston University

Undergraduate School

Undergraduate School
UC Davis



San Jose, CA



 Swimming, yoga, running, wine tasting, barbecuing, going to the beach, and hanging out with my family and friends.


Why did you choose UCLA for Residency?

The incredible people I met and worked with during my interview and sub-I at UCLA. As well as the incredible training at UCLA and all that the city of Los Angeles has to offer.


What is your favorite place to visit/thing(s) to do in/memory from living in LA? If you have never lived here before, what are you most excited about?

During my sub-I, After my last overnight shift at Reagan, I drove to Santa Monica, bought a beach towel, and took a nap on the beach for a few hours. I felt very LA when I woke up.


What are your areas of interest within EM or future career plans? 

I have a lot of interests within EM, primarily I see myself becoming involved in medical education, but I am excited to explore toxicology, ultrasound, and pediatric EM.


What is your go-to song to get pumped up on shift?

Breathe by Jax Jones


Any hidden talent(s)?

Making charcuterie boards!


Where would we find you if not in the department?

Lounging at the beach or poolside, finding new outdoor hiking/running trails, wine tasting in Napa!